The cryptocurrency market has exploded in popularity, creating a range of opportunities for traders in recent years. Various coins and tokens are available in the market that you can trade or stake to earn profit.

Among those coins and tokens, Today I’m going to share some knowledge on a remarkably promising utility token based on Ethereum protocol ERC-20Xceltoken Plus (XLAB).

With applications being used for booking over 2.5 million hotels and 450+ airlines all over the globe, it has transformed how we look into the world of travel and hospitality through cryptocurrency.

  • Buy Xceltoken Plus

You cannot purchase XLAB with fiats money like other main cryptocurrencies. At first, visit fiat-to-crypto exchanges and buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. Then transfer them into an exchange that offers to trade this token. Every exchange has its own features and fee policies, so I recommended you figure out the one that suits you best. You can try exchanges like and Mercatox.

  • Trading or Earning Xceltoken Plus

There are plenty of coins and tokens out there which you can’t trade because of the unavailability of trading pairs or liquidity pools. But the good news here is Xceltoken Plus has its trading platform:

You can trade your XLAB with major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dai, Ethereum, and Tether. Registration on the platform using your email address is straightforward. You can simply load and withdraw your crypto assets from the funds and withdrawal section. The trading section is easy to access and beginner-friendly with all the needed tools. You can also find lists of popular cryptocurrencies in the market tab with their price, volume, and changes. 

Earning can be a reward for purchasing airline tickets, book hotels, and other products/services from XcelTrip, or payment for providing such services to customers. You can get airdrops from giveaways or different competitions organized by the official Xcellab team.

  • Store Xceltoken Plus

Xceltoken Exchange can link its very own wallet that enables you to have total control of your asset while trading. Xcelpay Wallet supports both Ethereum Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain to exchange and store a combination of ERC-20 & BEP-20 tokens. With functions to trade or swap tokens with top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, user-friendly UI, security features like pin and biometric, mobile top-up, and sending gift cards, each uses who has come across it has loved it. 


Investing and trading in cryptocurrencies is highly speculative. But if you do things right, it will pave a golden pathway to your financial success and uplift your quality of life tremendously.