The world of crypto is vast. With the options of thousands of cryptocurrencies to invest in, it is difficult to decide which cryptocurrency would be best to invest in. We have to think many times before investing in a cryptocurrency as the crypto world is volatile. It is not a good step to simply invest in a cryptocurrency because others claim it to be worth investing in. Several scam cryptocurrencies are trying to fool people around so we have to be careful. But, there are genuine cryptocurrencies too which will surely meet your expectations. 

Choosing a cryptocurrency to invest in is challenging. But if you do research it can be easy. Many factors should be considered before choosing a cryptocurrency to invest in. Here are some tips that will guide you to choose cryptocurrency.

  1. Community Strength

You can know about the community strength of a cryptocurrency through various media they use to engage with their followers like Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Facebook, YouTube, and others. Check different communities of a cryptocurrency and learn what people are saying, how they are reacting and what they are expecting. The cryptocurrency with a huge community and loyal supporters is good to invest in. You can also stay updated about the activities they are doing and plans they are up to through joining different communities.

  1. Fundamentals of the project

Analyzing different fundamentals of a project is about knowing if the project is worth investing in or not. Fundamental analysis helps to know the value of an asset. It is looking into the company’s team, their vision, values, strength, the technology used, and use cases of the project. It helps to know if the project is undervalued or overvalued. You should invest in a cryptocurrency that is undervalued now but has the potential to be valuable in the future.  It is not a good idea to invest in overvalued assets whose value may diminish in the future. So, research about the teams, leaders, their qualifications, visions which you can find on their website. The project with use cases can survive long in the market so look out for projects with real-life use cases. The technology behind the project is also important to know. 

  1. Roadmap Credibility         

A roadmap shows the company’s shared goals and strategies. You can know how the company originated, how it is going, and what its plans are through its roadmap. Choose cryptocurrency only if they have a solid roadmap. Projects with visions and strong ambitions can succeed.  

  1. Whitepaper

A whitepaper is a document released by a crypto project that gives information about its concept, purposes, methodologies, the technology behind it, visions, coin circulation, and supply. Every project has a whitepaper that they release to the public so you can read the whitepaper of different projects and know which cryptocurrencies are realistic. Yes, it takes time to read whitepapers, but know that reading them can give you insights and ample information about a cryptocurrency. 

  1. Price History       

Heavy demand of a cryptocurrency will move its value upward whereas low demand leads to a drop in the value.  The pricing history of a cryptocurrency helps us to know how it has performed so far. Choosing crypto to invest in by predicting price with the help of price history is good. But remember that you won’t get right every time you forecast the price movements. Also, look out if the crypto is all-time high or had a big dip. Choose only those cryptocurrencies which have the right fluctuations in price. Too high or too low fluctuations are not good. So, be aware of those cryptocurrencies. 

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