The cryptocurrency value has evidently shown an upward trend.  Almost two years ago, at the end of 2019 Bitcoin stood at an ATH of $11,000. In April this year, the token was trading at $65k+. Alongside Bitcoin, many other Altcoins have also started to rise in value.

Since the onset of the COVID Pandemic, this upwards trend has attracted a lot of people’s attention to the crypto market as one of the investment opportunities and assets to hold on to. But, finding a secure place to store your crypto wealth can be an issue. Also, with several wallet options that can be used to keep your funds, it can become confusing on what to use. Luckily, there is an XcelPay Wallet to load all of your funds. With its most secure and powerful design, your crypto assets will be secured in your address.  

XcelPay Wallet: A Secured Decentralised Wallet

XcelPay Wallet is a Decentralised Wallet giving you full control over your wallet and your funds. When you create a wallet with the XcelPay Wallet app, it will give you 12 words of mnemonics that you must remember. In case you lose your wallet, you can always recover your funds using this unique 12-word mnemonics. Mnemonics enable you to import your wallet in any device and recover your funds in XcelPay Wallet or any other Decentralised Wallet.

Why XcelPay Wallet?

There are more reasons for you to use XcelPay Wallet. Being Secure and Powerful, it is also Beginner-Friendly with a beautiful and responsive UI. There is a Marketplace right on our homepage for you to watch over your favorite Cryptocurrency and track their trends. Including that the app will be showing you the total value of your crypto assets in your preferred Fiat Currency also with the reference of Bitcoin.

If you are a travel enthusiast you will love this! You can travel around the world by directly booking a hotel or a flight with your cryptocurrency via XcelTrip using XcelPay Wallet. You can top up your mobile and buy various gift cards too directly through XcelPay Wallet App.

The XcelSwap project is launching soon..after its launch you will also be able to swap your cryptocurrency in your wallet securely.