Just like a traditional wallet to store your physical currency, a crypto wallet is basically a place to store your digital currency. When you buy crypto from a trading platform, almost every trading platform allows its users to store their digital assets within a wallet on their platform. But exchange platforms are not the safest places for investors to store their cryptos. Hackers are always waiting for opportunities to steal your data and information. 

Phishing is one method hackers, scammers and thieves apply to steal your data and information. People fall for phishing sites when they click suspicious links or unauthentic links. By doing so hackers can easily get access to your private key. Keeping your digital assets in a decentralized crypto wallet is definitely a safer and accessible option. 

XcelPay wallet is one of the most trusted crypto wallets which supports multiple cryptocurrencies and lets its users store cryptocurrency securely. It enables its users with biometric and PIN security features, an important aspect of a wallet. This eliminates the third parties accessing your wallet. Xcelpay wallet provides you with a feel of security and reliability on your crypto assets. An advanced QR code system powers XcelPay wallet, which reduces the time to enter the receiving address for the user. This also minimizes the risk of funds being sent to other addresses.

Besides, XcelPay Wallet has practical usage. You can buy gift cards and top-up your mobile carrier with crypto on your XcelPay wallet. You can also SWAP tokens with an XcelPay wallet. It has an easy-to-use dashboard where users can track and view transaction history. Download XcelPay Wallet on both android and ios.