I am pretty sure most of you guys love traveling. And the ones who are reading this article are both travel and crypto enthusiasts who want to make the most use of their crypto in their travels. Aren’t we right? Imagine a world where we can pay with crypto, probably a little hard but don’t worry, you can make full use of your cryptos at least in travel via XcelTrip.

XcelTrip is a blockchain-powered travel platform that is built to disrupt the trillion-dollar travel industry. Imagine you are planning a vacation with your family but you don’t want to carry a lot of cash and want to make your transaction smooth. You suddenly remember that you had bought some cryptos previously and now you want to spend it on travels. With XcelTrip, you can book more than 2.3 million hotels and over 450+ airlines around the world with crypto seamlessly and easily. Now you can rest assured that the cryptos you have invested in have some use cases in real life.

Talking about use cases, you may have heard about NFT. It is obtainable if you have Ether lying around in your wallet. In fact, one of the use cases of Ether is for buying NFT that can go down in value or even up depending on demand. As the crypto adopters are growing hugely, XcelTrip is trying to make more opportunities and see potential in Blockchain technology because everyone will eventually want to make use of their crypto.Using cryptos in travel seems pretty futuristic and innovative as well.

XcelTrip is a crypto-payment enabled platform to help you book hotels and flights across the world using cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Verge, KAU, Binance Coin, and our own utility token XcelToken Plus (XLAB). We are constantly putting our efforts into including more tokens as payment options such as Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Tron, and others. You can use XcelPay Wallet to keep track of and store your cryptos securely. If you want to invest into some coin then XcelToken Plus (XLAB) might be for you. Being a utility token it has huge use cases around the globe.