XcelDefi is a BEP-20 based next-generation decentralized token with various use-cases. XcelDefi (XLD) enables you to become a part of fostering crypto community as you can use XLD to: buy air tickets, book hotels, buy gift cards, top-up your mobile carrier, and much more.   

You can purchase XcelDefi, through XcelSwap, a next-generation automated market-making decentralized exchange. XcelSwap is part of the Xcellab Ecosystem. So, XcelDefi (XLD) holders can use XLD as a governance token and vote on development and amendments of upcoming projects on XcelSwap.

Similarly, XLD holders can also contribute to the liquidity pool, staking, and yield farming and earn the highest APY on XcelSwap DEX. To buy XLD users must have a decentralized wallet like XcelPay Wallet, Trust Wallet, Metamask Wallet, etc. Users are advised to use the Metamask wallet for smooth transactions. To install the Metamask wallet go to metamask.io. After installing Metamask enable the extension on your browser.

To purchase your first $XLD from XcelSwap, follow the instructions below:

Step 1. First, visit the XcelSwap website at www.xcelswap.com,

Step 2. Connect your decentralized wallet from the connect wallet tab which is located at the top right corner


Step 3. Then Click the MetaMask icon from the top right corner of the browser, once the drop-down menu appears. Enter your MetaMask password then click connect.

Step 4. Once your wallet is connected to XcelSwap, click on the SWAP tab.

Step 5. On the swap page, you will see the default token is set to BNB. As you want to receive an XLD token, click select a currency bottom,


Step 6. Select a token box will  appear where at the top you will see 

“Search name or paste address”

Step 7. Inside the box copy contract address of BEP-20 XcelDefi

i.e 0xc79d1fd14f514cd713b5ca43d288a782ae53eab2 or you can copy the contract address from XcelDefi website www.xceldefi.com then click import.

Step 8. Click on I understand and then on import.

Step 9. You will see XLD at the receive tab. It is recommended to set the slippage between 0.5% to 5%.

Step 10. Click on the “confirm swap” box.

Step 11. Confirm your action on your MetaMask Wallet. 

Congratulations! You have successfully bought XcelDefi from XcelSwap.

Purchase your very first XcelDefi (XLD) from the XcelSwap. You can visit following link for detailed information on how to buy XLD on XcelSwap.

Beware!! Since there are few XcelDefi token contact addresses on BSC Scan website which is not associated with XcelLab. Always copy the contract address from the XcelDefi website.