With the rise of COVID-19, all the international flights are closed following the safety protocols. This makes international travel even hard with the current situation. So, we are only limited to travel within our country by following safety measures. And it is very risky to make contact with random people as well. So, XcelTrip is here to eliminate unnecessary contact with people while making payments.

As you all know COVID-19 has disrupted the economy of the countries. Due to which people are mass adopting cryptocurrencies as it is decentralized meaning they have control over their own money. But with mass adoption, there comes a question, “Where do I use it?”. There are many use cases, and every coin is designed with a different blockchain technology that has a different purpose and use cases. 

You may probably know viruses like COVID-19 can easily pass through dollar bills or any Fiat Currency as it directly involves you and gets passed by many people making it riskier. By directly paying through crypto in Xceltrip you eliminate the risk of transmitting the virus as all the transaction is done virtually. Basically making it safer than any payment method.

XcelTrip is a travel platform that is designed in blockchain technology meaning you can use your crypto to travel around the world by booking 450+ flights and 2.3M+ hotels through our platform. It accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Verge, KAU, Binance Coin, and our very own, utility token XcelToken Plus, and XcelDefi. Also, we are trying to add more tokens as payment methods so that it would be easier for users. With international travel being blocked by many countries, you may be limited to travel only inside your country. But also Xceltrip can help you find the best hotels for you in your chosen place. 

So, Book via XcelTrip with Cryptos and avoid unnecessary interaction to make safer and easier payments while traveling. If you are looking for an easy-to-use wallet then do consider XcelPay Wallet to hold your Cryptocurrencies.