So you bought cryptos and are thinking, what should you do next?

Since digital assets are vulnerable to hackers, scammers, and fraudsters. To store your crypto assets in a secure blockchain platform should be your major priority. There are many blockchain wallets available in the market. But finding a wallet that is secure, worthy, and reliable for your trust can be quite difficult. When choosing a blockchain wallet to store your cryptocurrency. Look out for some essential security features. 

  • Mnemonics 

Mnemonics- a twelve to fourteen-word unique key phrase, is an essential element to access digital assets stored in a decentralized crypto wallet. Mnemonics provide wallet users with full control over their crypto-funds. If an electronic device running your crypto wallet is lost or even stolen,  users can still use Mnemonics to recover their decentralized wallet and crypto funds stored in that wallet. 

  • Biometrics 

Biometric security features like fingerprint and face-scanner play an important role to secure your crypto wallet. With this feature, a third party cannot easily access your crypto wallet. It safeguards your crypto wallet by adding an extra layer of security and protects your cryptocurrency from scammers, hackers, and thieves. 

  • PIN

Similar to a password, a PIN is a combination of numbers that can verify your identity when entered. PIN has become mandatory to secure any wallets and can be used to access wallets, transfer funds, or view mnemonics. A user must keep their PIN a secret because it protects much of their information and resources. 

  • QR Code system

A QR code system will help users to send funds to the correct address. Writing the whole address and copying the address can be burdensome and inconsistent. With a QR code system in a wallet, this can be eliminated.  

Blockchain wallets are easier to use for day-to-day transactions and are highly secure. It allows instant transaction across global without the involvement of intermediaries, which ultimately leads to low transaction costs and time. Also, blockchain wallets allow transactions across multiple cryptocurrencies.

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