With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide, earning money by trading cryptocurrency on a daily basis, has also become one of the best income opportunities for most people. 

Although you may have to spend some time analyzing the fundamentals and technical aspects of a token, the final result is always sweet, most of the time. 

XcelSwap, a decentralized automated market maker is one of the best up-and-coming trading/swapping platforms for BEP-20 tokens. In this blog post, you will be able to know how you can earn passive income with XcelSwap using cryptocurrency.

Swapping/Trading Cryptocurrency

If you are one of the “wizards” of cryptos, (i.e. being able to do fundamental and technical analysis of crypto tokens) then there’s no doubt on how much you can earn just by swapping cryptocurrency.

While selecting a token to invest you must go through the whole project and roadmaps of a token. Undervalued tokens with strong projects and use cases like XcelDefi (XLD), BAT are often recommended by experts to invest in.

Providing Liquidity

In every Decentralised Finance, there is an option for providing Liquidity which is locked into the Smart Contract of the token that facilitates efficient crypto trading, while allowing investors to earn a return on their holdings.

When an investor contributes toward providing liquidity to a certain Liquidity Pool (LP), they get LP tokens in reward. They can use that LP Token to Farm and get returns. XcelSwap provides XLD (governance token of XcelSwap) and a certain percent of the trading fees to the investors who are staking LP tokens.

Xcelswap cuts 0.25% of total transactions in receiving tokens as a transaction fee, compared to the industry standard of 0.3%. You are eligible to receive 0.17% of that fee, corresponding to the percent of liquidity you provide.

 You can check more details on the XcelSwap website.


Another great way to earn is by staking your XcelDefi into a Staking Pool. A simple term to define staking to beginners is, ‘Fixed Deposit’. After you stake your token, you cannot withdraw it for a short period of time, but can only withdraw after the set time you have staked your token for. 

The minimum time period of staking XLD is 30 days. The longer you stake your tokens, the better your rewards will be. You can check the detailed information on staking from our XcelDefi website. Here are some details you might want to know.

  • Mandatory Lock: 30 Days

  • Early Rewards APY: 30%

  • Full Maturity APY: 100%

  • Full Maturity Period: 60 Days

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