XcelPay Wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that supports cryptocurrency and tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20), Ethereum (ERC20), and XinFin Network. 

If you are new to crypto you can easily create your wallet and start to buy and hold cryptocurrency using XcelPay Wallet.  The UI is pleasing and easier to navigate making it even more friendly for beginners. You can install XcelPay Wallet on your android and iOs devices HERE

If you are wanting to migrate your crypto to a different wallet that has a lot of interesting features then XcelPay Wallet has some amazing features that make it stand out from the rest of the wallets.

Payment Request

One of the most used and useful features of XcelPay Wallet is that users can directly send payment requests from the app itself. 

Let’s say if your crypto payment is pending and you want to send a payment reminder. You can go to the app and select the cryptocurrency that needs to be received. From the Send, Receive, and Buy option, click on receive. Input the amount of coin or its equivalent to USD, which will change the QR code on the screen. Now you can share the QR code or click on receive and send the cryptocurrency address via any social media or messaging app!

Isn’t it that easy? Just go to the app and share a QR code for the exact amount of coin/USD. The client will get reminded and will be able to pay efficiently.

Favorite Watchlist

One extra thing you get in our app is the Favourite Watchlist option. It is a simple yet powerful tool. Your favorite watchlist will be shown on the home page where you can track the performance. With the power of making any cryptocurrency your favorite from the watchlist, you will never miss out on what is happening to the crypto you bought or even just keep an eye on them. 

You can edit the watchlist and mark others as favorites from the homepage itself by clicking on the pen button on the side of the Favourites Watchlist.

Cryptocurrency Performance Tracking

Crypto Performance Tracking is one of the most important features to have in a wallet in order to keep users updated about a particular token they may like or have marked as a favorite on the watchlist. 

Having a feature to track the performance of a coin is a crucial factor for any wallet. It will be easier to see the overall data in the past 24 hours or in a certain time span.

In XcelPay Wallet when you mark a cryptocurrency as Favourites in the watchlist you will be able to see the last 24-hour performance of the particular coin. 

For example, let’s talk about Bitcoin. The wallet will show you the last 24 hour data which includes, 24 hours high, 24-hour Volume, 24 hour low, the current price of the coin, and the percentage change. Also, there is a separate section in Homescreen right above Favourites Watchlist which shows you the last 24 hour best performers.

Buy Crypto

Having to buy crypto from a different platform and transferring them to the wallet is a long process. It is always easier to buy, hold and manage cryptocurrency from a single platform without having to swap different websites and apps. 

XcelPay Wallet presents a  way to do the same. XcelPay Wallet will provide a buy option in our wallet for users to buy cryptocurrencies directly from the wallet app, in the upcoming XcelPay Wallet project development. The buy feature is indeed a new one and it is not yet released.

Are you convinced to install XcelPay Wallet? If yes do it ASAP and don’t miss the chance to experience these amazing features right in a single app. To get updates on our Wallet and ecosystem do join our community on Telegram and Discord