A decentralized wallet is a crypto wallet that allows users to send, buy, store and manage their digital assets without the involvement of any third parties or any custodial authorities.  The decentralized wallet is designed to facilitate peer-to-peer, private transactions.

There are also centralized crypto wallets that facilitate sending, buying, and storing of cryptocurrencies.  But in the centralized wallet, third parties are involved which may be either the government or any other custodial authorities that have full control over the user's digital assets. These third parties send, receive and buy crypto on the user’s behalf. They can meddle, mismanage and interfere with the user’s digital assets as they know the user's private keys.  Users lose control over their financial digital assets and transactions as third parties control and keep eye on every financial move.

A decentralized wallet in contrast is free of tampering and interference from third parties. With a decentralized wallet, user’s data is safe, secure, and users can have full control over their digital assets. A decentralized wallet in this regard is appealing for sure! 

XcelPay Wallet is a decentralized crypto wallet with 500k+ users. It is a mobile wallet built on a blockchain network that is secure and allows users to have full control over their digital assets. Users can log in to the Xcelpay wallet without sharing critical information like name. Email and phone numbers.  XcelPay Wallet is a security-enabled crypto wallet with features like Mnemonics, PIN code, and Biometrics.


When users download the wallet and then create a new wallet, they are provided with a 12-words phrase, which is a mnemonic phrase.   A mnemonics phrase, also known as mnemonics seed, acts as a private key. Users are told to keep their mnemonics safe while creating a wallet, so it's better if you store mnemonics securely offline. In case you lose your mobile device with a wallet you can easily recover your crypto and wallet using mnemonics. Users should keep their mnemonics in a safe place because if anyone gets the mnemonics, they can steal crypto. Stay alert! 

PIN Code

Users have to create a four-digit PIN code when they register in the XcelPay Wallet for the first time. PIN code is a mandatory security feature that helps to strengthen the safety of a wallet. With a pin code, you don’t need to enter other credentials to log in to your wallet and it helps to protect your wallet from unwanted access. Save your PIN code safely to log in to your XcelPay crypto wallet. Remember not to make your PIN code easy that can be easily guessed by others. Also, change your PIN code every time you log in to your wallet through someone else's device.


Biometrics,  also known as biological measurement, is used to identify individuals. Biometrics is the most secured security feature as they are always with the user and can never be stolen.  XcelPay wallet has enabled biometrics like Touch ID setup and Face Lock to keep user’s digital assets safe and secure. With Touch ID set up and Face Lock, users don’t need to worry about unauthorized access to their wallets.

If you are new to the crypto market or have already started your journey, it is a great idea to opt for a decentralized, accessible and secure XcelPay Wallet. With security features like mnemonics, pin code and biometrics, XcelPay Wallet is surely the safest wallet to store and manage your digital assets without having to rely on a central administrator. Download decentralized XcelPay Wallet now and gain full control over your privacy.