XcelSwap is a next-generation decentralized, non-custodial exchange. An automated market-maker- XcelSwap is designed to allow for trading without an intermediary. This is one of a kind crypto exchange platform where users have full custody of their wallet and have full control over it. 

XcelSwap went live on September 20, 2021. Users can benefit from it in various ways. 

How does XcelSwap Work? 

XcelSwap is a protocol based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain that establishes automated money markets. By leveraging Binance Smart Chian, XcelSwap is designed to provide Defi service at high-speed and the lowest transaction cost.

XcelSwap works by providing liquidity pools and staking options to its users. By locking XcelDefi (XLD)  in these liquidity pools for certain terms, crypto-users can potentially earn greater rewards! 

In fact, XcelSwap disintermediates the market and enables users to earn rewards through liquidity pools and staking options, and by eliminating commission fees charged by middlemen. 

Some benefit that users can take from XcelSwap includes the following:

  • XcelSwap is a decentralized platform where intermediaries aren’t involved in transactions

  • Users can trade directly from their Wallet and hold full control over their funds.

  • Users can connect their preferred decentralized wallet on XcelSwap with the ‘wallet connect’ option

  • XcelSwap has its governance token called XcelDefi, where holders can commence on the governance activities. 

  • XcelSwap is an Automated Market Maker that allows users to trade crypto assets automatically and without permission by utilizing a liquidity pool. 

  • XcelSwap provides security measures to perform peer-to-peer transactions for its users. Performing transactions on XcelSwap is totally safe.

  • All the transaction activities are recorded on the blockchain. No entity can tamper the transaction on a blockchain, which makes XcelSwap a transparent platform.

Apart from these, XcelSwap doesn’t require a KYC procedure, unlike other centralized exchange platforms. This makes your personal information secure and private. Also, users can take part in passive earnings through Staking, Yield Farming with mind-blowing rewards.

  • Staking:

Users can engage in Staking by locking their token for a specified duration. The longer a user stakes, the more return a user gets. While 30 days is the necessary lock-in time for staking. The whole maturity date is 60 days. 

The benefits for staking in XcelSwap include a 30 percent APY reward for early withdrawal, and 100 percent APY for full maturity. For example, suppose a person stakes for 30 days and earns $200. A user that staked for 60 days will earn a $250 yield. It makes XcelSwap incentives more interesting.

  • Yield farming:

Yield Farming is a method of putting crypto tokens to productive use in a decentralized finance (DeFi) market to generate interest. 

Farming with XcelSwap lets you earn rewards by giving liquidity to multiple farming pools. Users will be required to give liquidity to the pair to take part in XcelSwap farming pools. The more a user invests, the greater their portion of the overall benefit.

Additionally, by contributing to the liquidity pool, liquidity providers may also earn up to 600 percent Annual percentage yield (APY) on different farms utilizing LP tokens on XcelSwap.

Ultimately, users can swap their preferred cryptocurrency at a cheaper and speedier rate. Since XcelSwap is built on Binance Smart Chain, the transaction fee is relatively lower than that of other exchanges. (I.e. 0.25% of the total transaction amount) This adds profit value to the users when conducting day-to-day transactions. 

Join the Xcellab crypto community, start trading your cryptos on XcelSwap and benefit yourself from Swap, Stake, and Farming.