XcelSwap is a next-generation decentralized exchange designed by XcelLab. The fundamental aim of the XcelSwap is to become the best-decentralized platform that multiplies funds and yields, and incentivizes cryptocurrency investors with excellent rewards!

An automated market maker, XcelSwap is a decentralized platform, where the requirement for intermediaries is absent. So, users get to maintain complete custody of their tokens.


XcelSwap is built on Binance smart chain, so performing transactions on XcelSwap DEX is significantly speedier and further makes the cost of transaction cheaper. 

Talking about some fascinating aspects of XcelSwap, they enable users to take part in yield farming and Staking, which enables users to increase their funds.

A completely decentralized platform, users do not need to share their private information, there is no requirement for KYC to sign-up for the platform. 

XcelSwap helps the crypto-community to buy and trade BEP-20 tokens that operate on Binance Smart Chain with the use of user-fueled liquidity pools. 

If you’re buying BEP-20 tokens from XcelSwap, you can go through the following.

To buy a BEP-20 token from XcelSwap first, you need to connect your decentralized wallet.

Let us see how to connect a wallet on XcelSwap:

  1. Visit www.xcelswap.com from any browser.

  2. Click on the connect bottom you see on the right side of the browser.

  1. Then a connect-a wallet box appears on the screen. Click any preferred wallet from the box. For Ex: the XcelPay Wallet is being used.

  2. After you see the “connect wallet” box, click the “wallet connect” option.

  3. A QR code pop-up will appear on the window screen.

  4. Now open your XcelPay wallet app, then go to the setting app where you will see the “wallet connect” option. Click on the “scan to connect” option.

  1. After this, click on the small box icon at the top right. You will be redirected to the scanning tab. Scan the QR code from the Xcelswap website. A tab with an approval message will appear. Confirm it and your Xcelpay wallet will be connected successfully to Xcelswap.

For most decentralized wallets “wallet connect” option is available

Now your wallet is successfully connected to XcelSwap

Now, let’s buy BEP-20 tokens from XcelSwap:

  1. On the XcelSwap website, make sure you’re on the swap tab.


  2. On the “send” box the default token is set to BNB and on the “receive” box, “select a currency” is seen.

  3. Now select any preferred BEP-20 tokens you want to buy on the receiver box.

  4. It is recommended to set the slippage between 0.5% to 5% after you see your preferred currency in the receiver box.

  5. Put the amount of BNB you want to swap against your preferred BEP- 20 token that you want to buy.

  6. Now Click on the “confirm swap” box.

  7. Confirm your action on your XcelPay Wallet.

Congratulations!!! you’ve successfully purchased your BEP 20 tokens.