XcelPay wallet is a decentralized crypto wallet that cut-outs unwanted middle entity resulting in minimum fees. XcelPay wallet is the most secured and trusted leading crypto wallet that is  easy to use, enabling users to send and receive crypto more efficiently. It is one of its one of a kind decentralized wallet apps, that bridges consumer use-case and merchant payment solutions. 

XcelPay wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies, BEP-20 and ERC-20 tokens, and enables you to safeguard your cryptos with secured biometric features, pin, and 24/7 support. You can create your first decentralized wallet on the XcelPay wallet. Or, further create or import multiple decentralised wallets within XcelPay Wallet app. Download XcelPay wallet now on your IOS and Android devices from here

How can you make most of the cryptocurrency from XcelPay wallet:

Track your crypto performance: XcelPay Wallet has an integrated favorite watchlist and 24 hours- best performer list on the home tab. You can track how your favorite crypto is doing and the 24-hour best-performing cryptos from the app. 

SWAP tokens at the lowest trading fee:You can swap over 220 tokens at the lowest trading fee, where different swapping pairs are available. XcelPay Wallet supports various ERC 20 and BEP 20 tokens. You can also check your swapping history from the XcelPay wallet app.

Buy cryptos using fiat 

You can now buy your favorite cryptocurrency with fiat by using the app securely, where multiple fiats support buying cryptocurrency

Replace crypto addresses with username

XcelPay Wallet  has FIO protocol enabled in its app, which makes transactions easier, less complicated, hassle-free, and less risky. With an FIO address, you don’t need to remember long and complicated public keys, and also you don’t need to handle many wallet addresses. 

XcelPay wallet is QR-enabled, which makes it easier for you to send and receive cryptos securely

Connect to DEX


Also, you can connect the XcelPay wallet to your favorite dex to make crypto-transactions using the wallet connect option from the menu tab.


Top-up your mobile plan 

XcelPay wallet supports mobile recharge over 900 carriers across 160 countries where you can top up your mobile carrier. And you can also buy gift cards of various platforms from the app. 

Explore and invest in cryptocurrency using XcelPay Wallet- a simple and secure crypto payment solution.