XcelDefi is a native token of the Xcellab Ecosystem, which unites the worlds of decentralized travel, finance, and investing under one roof. 

XLD is a one-of-a-kind utility token that is making Defi accessible to everyone by eliminating entry barriers for newbies looking to get into the world of Decentralised finance and cryptocurrencies and make the most of it.

Talking about the utility, XcelDefi has the most amazing use cases where you can book over 2.3 million hotels and 450 airlines worldwide using XcelTrip.You can also buy gift cards and top up your mobile carrier with XcelDefi from the XcelPay wallet, and even earn exciting rewards.

Not only these but the holders of XcelDefi can also get financial and investment opportunities through XcelSwap. The holders can engage in Stake, Yield farm, and liquidity pool with amazing rewards, giving the holders room to be at profit. 

Besides, people can benefit by swapping BTC/ETH with XcelDefi from the XcelPay wallet. When you swap BTC/ETH with XLD, XcelPay wallet will provide more than a 5% bonus on XLD.

Here is how you can swap BTC/ETH with XLD. Follow these simple steps to claim XLD and bonus reward in XLD.

 Open your XcelPay wallet on either Ios or Android device

  •  Click the swap tab available below

(You will be directed to the Token Swap tab. )

  • Select either BTC or ETH on Send box and Xceldefi on the Receive box


  • Input the number of BTC or ETH you want to swap to XLD in the send box (Equivalent to BTC/ETH, the amount of XLD swappable will be input automatically by the system in the receiving box)


  • Press the continue action below

  • After confirming the action, XLD will be available in your wallet with a bonus