The native token of XcelLab Ecosystem and the governance token for XcelSwap, XcelDefi is a BEP-20 token based on Binance Smart Chain. XLD is a next-generation cryptocurrency built to boost defi and disrupt the traditional financial system. 

Decentralized finance is evolving around the globe and is booming in the crypto sector. But people are still finding it difficult to enter the defi world due to complex defi UX and insufficient technical knowledge. There is also a lack of practical defi applications due to which adoption of defi is less. XcelDefi is removing barriers of entry for newcomers to enter the Defi sector and Crypto industry, enhancing user experience. 

Buy XLD on XcelSwap, Pancake Swap, Bakery Swap, and XcelPay Wallet

XcelDefi has practical real-life use cases which increase the adoption of defi. 

Xcellab Ecosystem, powered by blockchain technology, was established with the motive of disrupting the entire travel, e-commerce, and financial industries across the globe. XcelLab has different projects running side by side which has supported the adoption of defi and crypto for practical use cases. 

XcelTrip- Users can pay with XcelDefi and other cryptocurrencies to book over 2.3 million hotels and 450+airlines worldwide through the decentralized OTA travel platform XcelTrip.

XcelSwap- XcelDefi is the governance token for XcelSwap. XcelSwap is the decentralized exchange built on Binance Smart Chain. XcelSwap allows users to trade BEP-20 tokens at lower trading fees without any intermediaries. Users can engage in staking, liquidity mining, and yield farming in XcelSwap and earn amazing rewards.

XcelPay is a secure crypto wallet that can be used to receive, send and hold all ERC-20 & BEP-20 tokens including major cryptocurrencies. With XcelPay Wallet, users can swap, top-up, buy gift cards and buy crypto. 

These blockchain-based platforms drive the uses of XcelDefi making XLD a token with the largest use cases in the defi sector. Thus, XLD is helping to broaden defi’s horizon.


The tokenomics will help to know about XcelDefi’s purpose, functionality, and how it is being distributed. XLD has a total supply of 111 million. The following table shows how the XLD token is allocated.

Initial Supply

111 Million

Rewards and Loyalty

20M (18.02%)


50M (45.05%)


 15M (13.51%)


11M (9.91%)

Marketing and Business Development

 15M (13.51%)

XcelLab ecosystem aims to build an economy that allows trustless, permissionless-ness, tamperproof, transparent, and secure financial transactions so XcelDefi is introduced. XcelDefi is helping to seamlessly integrate DeFi with other sectors, creating more use cases across different industries. XcelDefi is committed to its community, which is why the holders of XLD have the right to vote on any developments or amendments of XcelSwap and can also submit governance proposals.  XLD enables equal participation of people regardless of age, culture, ethnicity, and place by using technology to disintermediate centralized models. 

If you are curious to know more about XcelDefi, do visit our website where you will find a whitepaper that details the XcelDefi token and project. 

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