Since the start of the COVID Pandemic, the cryptocurrency market has become one the most talked-about investment options. This growing tendency has attracted many people's attention to the crypto market. 

As a result, the value of cryptocurrencies has significantly risen. Bitcoin hit a high of $11,000 almost two years ago. The token was worth more than $65,000 in April of this year. Along with Bitcoin, the value of many other cryptocurrencies has started to increase as well.

However, finding a secure place to store your crypto assets is a challenge. Furthermore, it may be tough to determine which cryptocurrency wallet to utilize since many wallet options are available.


Fortunately, you can hold your assets in XcelPay Wallet. It is a decentralized wallet that is a trustworthy, safe, and leading crypto wallet that uses QR codes, pin codes security, and biometric protection. It is a safe place to store your cryptos asset as it is the most secure, and comes in a robust design.  

Recognising that more people are levitating towards Decentralized exchanges. Now you can connect the XcelPay wallet to various DEX platforms with the wallet connect feature. 

Below is the process to connect your XcelPay wallet to your preferred DEX:

Step 1. Visit your Prefered DEX website

( For the ex: Pancakeswap.) 

Step 2. Click on the connect wallet button at the upper right of the site.

Step 3: Select connect wallet option from the pop-up box.

Step 4: A QR code pop-up will show on your windows screen.

Step 5: Open your XcelPay wallet app and go to settings, you will find the wallet connect option. Click on wallet connect and then click the scan to connect option.

Step 6: Click on the small box symbol on the upper right. You will be taken to the scanning tab. 

Step 7:  A tab with an approval message will emerge.

Step 8: Scan the QR code from the DEX. Confirm, and your Xcelpay wallet will be linked successfully.

As almost every DEX follows similar steps to connect your wallet, these instructions can help you connect XcelPay wallet to your Prefered DEX.

Besides assisting you in connecting your wallet to your preferred DEX and storing your crypto assets, XcelPay Wallet provides you with various use-cases.

  • Purchase gift cards from various platforms

  • Top-up your mobile plan in over 900 carrier service in over 160 countries.

  • Creating multiple wallets within XcelPay Wallet. 

  •  Buy crypto through debit cards, credit cards, and with a bank account within a minute.

  •  Swap over 220 Bep 20 and Erc 20 tokens with Bitcoin or Ethereum from the XcelPay wallet at the best rates. 

Also, the XcelPay wallet is a merchant wallet that supports Multi-cryptocurrency where E-commerce companies can integrate its API for their payment gateways solution to accept crypto on their websites.

Download XcelPay wallet for both Ios and Android devices


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