XcelPay Wallet is a decentralized, noncustodial and secure crypto wallet with 500k+ users. It is a mobile wallet built on a blockchain network where users can send, receive, store, buy and exchange different cryptocurrencies instantly. Users can also buy gift cards and top-up more than 900 mobile networks all over the world.

The fastest and safest multi-crypto wallet is designed to provide a positive user experience. XcelPay Wallet has been working on different features continuously and has been introducing new features on the wallet. The new feature available on the wallet is the Favourites Watchlist where users can track crypto performances.

If you are one of the 500k+users of Xcelpay Wallet, this is for you. But if you haven’t yet used the most secured crypto wallet, You can download it now. Here

Tips on how users  can track crypto performance on the crypto watchlist

Well, if you have the XcelPay Wallet app downloaded on your mobile, log in to your account. On your home screen, you can see the Favourites Watchlist. 

Tap on: tap to see all trends written or edit symbol. There, you can see market trends. You can select your favorite crypto or any crypto that you want to keep track of the performance. Those cryptos that you choose as favorites will also be displayed on your home screen. 

On the Market Trends, users can track the performance of their favorite crypto as well as other cryptos on the basis of rank, price, and change in 24-hour volume.


Top cryptos are shown on the basis of rank. Top cryptos are shown above other cryptos. 


The crypto with the highest price will be shown on the top and the lowest price on the bottom. 

Change 24h 

The 24-hour volume of the cryptos will be shown on change in 24h. 

This new feature is the best as users can keep track of the performance of different cryptos easily and instantly. Are you ready to track crypto performance on the crypto watchlist and stay updated about the trend of the crypto? 

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