A decentralised cryptocurrency wallet by XcelLab Ecosystem, XcelPay enables seamless, transparent, reliable, and fraudless transactions by harnessing Blockchain technology.

Realising its endless benefits and prospects, as more people are entering the world of cryptocurrency, XcelPay is making it easy to embrace investment in decentralised finance tokens.

Investing in cryptocurrency is easy, less complicated, and hassle-free with XcelPay wallet. Download the secure and trustworthy wallet XcelPay Wallet. Register or login, and invest in about 100+ cryptocurrencies all from XcelPay Wallet.

Investing in cryptocurrency is easier than ever with XcelPay Wallet which helps you to invest in cryptocurrencies directly from the app.

Buy Crypto with the Card

XcelPay Wallet users can buy and invest in crypto assets with fiat, using bank cards and other payment methods.

Learn complete steps to invest in cryptocurrencies with the buy crypto with card feature on XcelPay Wallet : Buy Cryptos with Card on-XcelPay Wallet!

Buy Crypto with Indian Rupees (INR) using the UPI

The recently launched buy crypto with Indian Rupees (INR) feature using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) feature enables users to buy about 100+ cryptocurrencies in Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon Blockchain with INR, using a one-time verified UPI address.

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) , an instant real-time payment system that powers multiple bank accounts and allows secure and seamless transactions is enabled on XcelPay Wallet. XcelPay Wallet users can conduct crypto transactions using simple, and easy to remember UPI addresses.

Get more ideas and learn the full steps to invest in cryptocurrencies with INR through the article: Buy Crypto with INR using UPI with XcelPay Wallet.

Xcellab Ecosystem is working on adding more features on XcelPay Wallet to help users to buy and invest in 100+ crypto assets easily without any hassle.

FIO Protocol enabled on XcelPay Wallet

The integration of the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) protocol on XcelPay Wallet has made crypto transactions easier and less complicated.FIO addresses are short and easy to remember and users can get one identity to conduct all crypto transactions across networks. Users do not need to remember long and complicated public keys and wallet addresses, by replacing them with FIO usernames.

Moreover, with FIO requests, individuals can send and receive payment requests in crypto direclty from XcelPay Wallet.

There are several other easy-to-use inbuilt features on XcelPay Wallet. To learn more: Join us on TelegramTwitterFacebookReddit, and other social platforms.

Start your crypto journey with XcelPay Wallet. Download the XcelPay Wallet from App Store and Play Store and get access to 100+ cryptocurrencies to invest in !!