XcelPay Wallet is designed to put the power of decentralized finance in the hands of people by providing a positive user experience. The decentralized cryptocurrency wallet by XcelLab Ecosystem, enables seamless, transparent, reliable, and fraud-less transactions by harnessing the power of Blockchain technology.

XcelPay Wallet app can be used by both android and iOs users and is available for download in AppStore and play store.

With the newly added XcelPay Wallet Web Extension feature, XcelPay Wallet users will be able to conduct crypto transactions directly from their desktop/laptop.

XcelPay Wallet Web Browser Extension will be launched in the coming month of June.

XcelPay Wallet Web Browser Extension

XcelPay Wallet is launching its own web browser extension feature connecting the XcelPay Wallet app and its features directly to users’ desktop/laptop.

With the XcelPay Wallet web browser extension, wallet users will be able to receive and send funds natively from the wallet extension. And the transactions will also sync automatically with users’ XcelPay Wallet mobile app, making it easier for users to engage in crypto transactions and keep track of their tokens.

Benefits of XcelPay Wallet Web Extension Feature

With XcelPay Wallet web extension features users :

-can send/receive token based on Ethereum and EVM compatible chains like BSC, Polygon etc.

-Buy tokens directly from their desktop/laptop using Transak and engage in seamless transactions.

-Connect to DAPP directly- using XcelPay Wallet Web Extension (feature coming soon)

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